Question New air cooler for ryzen 5 3600


Apr 7, 2020
Hey! Im looking to replace my Deepcool L240T Red 240mm because the pump started to turn off itself a few times a day and makes weird noises like its cracking. My current fans configuration is:
Case: Phanteks Eclipse P360x
Front: 2x Be Quiet Pure Wings 2 140mm 1000rpm
Top: 2x Be Quiet Silent Wings 3 2200rpm PWM
Back: 1x Be Quiet Silent Wings 3 2200rpm PWM
My motherboard is the ASRock B450 Pro4 and my RAM is Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200mhz CL16. Clearance for CPU Cooler Height is 160mm, but there's no problem for me to keep the side panel off and im also looking to upgrade to a more powerful CPU in the future.

  1. What air cooler should I get in maximum 80 euros? Has to be fully black, super silent, perform really good and maybe some RGB.
  2. Does replacing my Deepcool water cooler that is mounted up top going to improve my GPU (MSI Armor RX 580 8GB) temperature in any way?
My ambient temp is ~21C in the winter and ~24C in the summer. Idle temp 45-50C and in FIFA 22 65-70C and some spikes to 80C and over that causes frame drops
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