Question New Build, Blank screen problem. Solved

Mar 5, 2019
Hello PC builders

I am posting my experience here, just in case it helps someone.
I have a new build PC, AsRock Z270 Taichi, I5-6400, Corsair Vengeance Ram, CPU Video, WD Black spare empty disk.

The build was built up on my workbench, no case, just a bunch of cables. Anyway, the system would start, boot into UEFI, and then after about 10 seconds, the screen would go blank.
After all the usual fixes, read the forums, reseat the CPU, try single memory modules, different slots, read the forums again, check all the cables and connections, reattach heatsink, read even more forums ....... Still the same problem. 10 seconds blank screen !!! PSU still running, CPU fan still blowing, MB still with Aura Led's.

Solution : It was the monitor.

During all my trouble shooting, the system was power cycled many times, but never the monitor. Monitor was always showing signal and power leds, so I assumed this was OK.
Unplugged monitor power supply, power monitor up, and there is the UEFI boot screen, which now stay displayed.

So check everything, and again everything, every cable and component. Happy building, Shaun.