Question New Build Boot Issues - Windows installed but PC hangs after POST


Jan 2, 2010
Hey y'all,

New build is acting very strange.

Got Windows installed on my WD m.2 HD, using an old install DVD. I'd like to remove the DVD-ROM drive, since I won't be using it for any other reason. When I shut the system down and unplug the drive, upon restart my computer hangs after POST. The m.2 is set to the default UEFI boot device.

Things seem to work just fine after a fresh install but prior to powering down: a restart without a shutdown works just fine and I end up back in windows and when I'm able to poke around in windows (after the install but before the power down) the drive functions normally and everything's great. But after the first time I power off, it will no longer boot into windows.

I've reset CMOS, re-installed windows, poked around for anything potentially helpful in the BIOS, but everything looks very normal and I'm at a loss.