Question New Build! Cooling questions!

Apr 16, 2019
Just a heads up, posted this on r/buildapc so formatting may be a little wonky bringing it here too, but I did my best

Just got my first build to post the other night!
I don’t really have any of the benchmarking software, and after the cash I spent on the build can’t buy all of the games that I saw used for benchmarking when I was doing my research.

Butttt: I’ve been playing; Apex, Assassins Creed Unity, Battlefield 5 and my roommate has been playing some Fortnite. I’ve been tracking the temperatures with the NZXT CAM software.

CPU: i9-9900K
GPU: MSI Gaming X Trio 2080ti
MB: Gigabyte Aorus Master
HD: 1tb Samsung 970 Pro
RAM: 32gb G.Skillz Ripjaws V
PSU: Corsair RM1000i
Cooling: NZXT x72 Kraken
Case: be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 r2

<<<See last paragraph for issues with my build>>>

The fan set up is the two be quiet case fans in the front as intakes, one pre installed in the back as exhaust, and the x72 on the top as exhaust.
I spent quiet some time trying to decide how to do the fans. Trying to take into consideration that from what I understand:

1: you usually want more intake than exhaust.
2: that intakes on the radiators will be better for cooling because of colder air from outside the case.
3: That you usually want intake on the front and bottom, and exhaust on the top and back.
4: The effort required to fit the 360mm radiator on the front and move the pre-installed fans to the top.
5: That due to radiator clearance, I had to move the mono tray down slightly (which puts the GPU fans (which face down) closer to the bottom of the case and the PSU shroud when/if I decide to put it back in.
6: That I heard the be quiet! DB900 is pretty terrible with airflow.
AND 7: That it seems every video I watched had slightly different conclusions/ways of doing things, and each had pros/cons that kept it from being insanely better or worse than any other options.

See third question for fan setup

<All games on max settings as far as I know (IDK a ton about tweaking V-sync, AA etc)>
<Played at 4K resolution on a 55” LG 4K UHD OLED>
<Average 58fps (I haven’t be able to get anything newer, so currently using a god knows how old basic HDMI that came with some random device, so I assume that is the bottleneck)>

AC Unity 1hr 45min:
CPU: Min-46c Avg-50c Max-58c
GPU: Min-63c Avg-70c Max-71c

Battlefield V 1:75 (CAM clock shows weird so not sure if that is 2hrs and 15min orrrrr):
CPU: Min-42c Avg-45c Max-69c
GPU: Min-51c Avg-55c Max-69c

Apex 1hr 17min:
CPU: Min-37c Avg-44c Max-52c
GPU: Min-54c Avg-66c Max-70c

Best Apex: 51min
CPU: Min-33c Avg-36c Max-41c
GPU: Min-51c Avg-53c Max-60c

See first question for ambient temps


1: I assume CAM reports pure temperatures and not ‘over ambient’ as I so frequently see temps displayed in videos, but is that accurate? I haven’t tracked ambient temperatures so far, and its hard to maintain a consistent indoor temp where I live (SF) because its too hot to really need heat during most of the day/evening and too cool to have ACs installed in houses. But I would say we average 68-70f (20-21c) during the day with the max being 74f (23c), and average 66-68f (18.9-20c) during the late evening/night.

2: How are these numbers? From what I’ve read these are well within norms, but the large difference in the CPU and GPU worries me a bit, especially when I would like to put the PSU shroud on to make the cabling look nicer, but that will put the fans of the GPU that much closer to something for the hot air to ‘bounce’ back up from.

3: How does my fan set up seem to you? I kinda copped out of putting the radiators as intakes in the front for two reasons. 1: It was going to be a lot of effort and on my first build I just wanted to at least get it to work and 2: It seemed weird to have my only intakes getting the air heated by the radiators as it comes into the case.

4: If the CPU/CPU temperature difference is something to worry (or at least think) about, what is my best recourse? Moving the radiators to the front so I can raise the mobo and therefore move the GPU farther away from things the fans blow against (maybe an inch, 2 at absolute max difference). Should I consider a water cooled card? Or maybe just an extra intake fan on the front or bottom.


First, sorry for the long post, and thanks for bearing with my if you made it this far. Since my early WoW days in BC and later into Wrath I’ve always had an obsession with min/maxing so I want to make sure I do everything I can to make this build the best it can be, even if it doesn’t really need it. Also I love learning and developing new skills so trying to absorb all I can from the various PC communities.

Second, WOW, the Dark Base Pro 900 r2 is INSANELY quiet. Though I’m new to this, I’m pretty sure I have my fans set to full and you cannot hear this thing at all. Even with my ear right next to the pretty open back panel, maybe 2” from the exhaust fan it is quieter than a human whispering.

THANK YOU. If You read all this, thank you. If you can answer all of these questions awesome! If you can only answer one, that’s great too! I would love any answers, info, opinions, thoughts, and recommendations you can offer.

<<<PLEASE do not tell me that this build is terrible value, or that I could have built just as good of a system for $1000 less. I have heard it on every post I’ve made here or in Toms Hardware Forums. I know this isn’t that economical, I know most of the games I play dont need this beast, I know that few games use ray tracing and it might not even be the direction the industry goes, I know that maybe it only gets a few more FPS than an i7-8700 or an Ryzen 7 or whatever other system you guys can cook up. I like knowing what I have is the best, and I take pride and care in my possessions so I wanted something that would still be top of the line in 3-5years and still be pretty solid a decade from now. The parts are ordered, paid for, delivered and installed so there isn’t really any going back anyway>>>

<<<That being said, if you have constructive criticism on small things (like maybe another fan here or there, etc) or potential future upgrades (say overclocking it when it stops being the best to bring it back in line, or maybe eventually SLI with two 2080tis if that makes sense), those are of course appreciated!>>>

Thanks for everything!!

TL;DR: If I could have distilled all that, I would have haha


Mar 14, 2019
i know this is not an answer, but i appreciate the effort you have put in this post and your build.
Well from what i've seen from other posts, the normal temperature of a room should be around 21-22 C which is fine from what you have mentioned.
Also, the temperature of the GPU and CPU is perfectly fine if i say so.
About the fans i don't really know that much about them, so i wont be answering about that.
None the less, amazing build and goodjob.
Apr 16, 2019
Thank you!

I usually tend to worry about the length of my posts. As I mentioned I really enjoy learning and the analytics and stats of things, with the purpose of always improving. However, that tends to result in me dragging on and including lots of parathesized and sub-parenthesized notes and information.
So, I’m glad some appreciate and don’t get exasperated with that!

IDK if there is a section here for build posts, or if there is any interest in build videos by those other than LinusTechTips, JayzTwoCents, GamersNexus, etc. But, I’m considering doing a full build write-up or video review on the process.


Mar 14, 2019
I had the same doubt at the beginning when i first my first gaming computer.
But then you get used to it and know more so it doesn't scare you as much as before.