Question New Build crashing in games or under load

Apr 13, 2020
Hi guys any help/advice greatly appreciated.


Asus Strix ROG z390-e gaming MoBo
i7 9700K (no OC etc)
Asus Strix 2080ti OC edition (factory OC)
Corsair h115i rgb platinum AIO
Corsair rm750x PSU
OS loaded on a new 860 evo 250gb SSD

I built this (my first PC) a few days ago.
I wore a grounding bracelet and used a grounded mat when building/touching components.

I spent like 6hrs making sure everything was done correctly.
Windows installed, drivers installed etc.
So I load up the new cod and play (max settings) everything is fine the first few hours/sessions.

Then last night mid game it just shuts down. No warnings, no sounds, just shuts off.
The motherboard rgb lights are on still. The power button doesnt do anything. I flick psu switch, wait 10 secs then turn on and reboot.

I then go back on cod and around 30 mins later it shuts down in the warzone loading screen (your squads characters are walking along a bridge in the menu background and I believe it to be of low graphical load due to low gpu temps).

Then about an hour later, I load up another game (DCS), get playing for 15 mins. Same thing again.

So I clean installed the nvidia drivers. Did a few unigen superposition benchmarks, all OK.

Then I play COD again today, and after say 40 mins, shuts off again.

I download OCCT, fire up the PSU stress test. Runs an hour at max CPU and GPU loads, CPU package at 81C max, GPU at 77C max. No problems.

I then fire the test up again after 5/10 mins. And then within 2 minutes it crashes again. Power button still doesnt turn it on until 5 minutes or so later.

CPU and GPU temps have always been fine.

I then turn it on and it boots past the ROG logo and shuts off again???

I then got it to load back to windows but seriously WTF is going on.

I checked the events manager thing (thinks that's the name) and it shows unexpected shutdowns with no details. One thing to note is that the time stamps indicated in the logs are incorrect? It showed about 1.30am when the crash occurred at 2.02 am??

I have since tested the ram and found no errors with that.

Sometimes it crashes in games or stress testing, it doesnt appear to ever ben linked to temp.
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