New Build Failed, Power Problem?


Aug 6, 2013
I feel like a bit of a twit, I don't sign in that often mainly because my knowledge of PC's or their problems is minimal. But I am here quite a bit.

Ok... so I was running an old asus board with duo core and an old Nvidia 8400 gs card...ok stop laughing!

I purchased some really nice parts and start assembling after a month with this setup:

Asus M5A97 R2.0 Mobo
Amd FX 4300 4 Core CPU
Radeon 6850 HD gpu
2 X new 4 GB Kingston Fury Ram DDR3
Pioneer DVD/Writer
430W PSU
Win 7 32 Bit OS

I am aware that anything over 3GB should be on a 64 bit system but I have 32.
I also questioned 2 other things. Is the PSU to small? Does the 8 pin cpu header need all 8 because my old board had 4 pin header with 4 blocked off. I asked yesterday on the phone to a comp store in the area if they had a 4-8 pin adaptor cord and the tech on the phone said You don't need it, it will run with 4! So ok...what do I know?

Today..assemble the tower, plug it in, slow boot, wouldn't load LAN drivers, HDD freezes with light on forcing restarts, won't read from supply discs, took at least 7 restarts but won't load files consistently.

Thought it might be the overage in RAM so pulled 1 stick and changed to single better. Still here the buzz buzz from the dvd drive reading or trying every 10 secs but still won't read anything unless it just decides to or I open a file manually which takes a min to load if I don't have to bring up task manager and end process because it froze..

What did I miss guys?

Is the cpu under powered?
Do I need the other 4 pin plug adapter?
Do I need a larger PSU?
Will I need Valium by the time this is over?


Thank you for your time!