Question New build GPU detected by bios and win10 but doesn't wanna work is it lazy or what? RTX3060


Jun 4, 2013
Hi just finished my brand new build,
Trying to run some games and furmark I notice the RTX isn't doing its job....
The RGB and the fans should indicate the gpu is working. only 1 fan of 3 works and rgb is green meaning the gpu only works for about 10%
It outputs grapics on both my screens win10 recognizes the card bios also nvidia installed without errors

What Am i Missing?

Ryzen 5 5600x
Gigabyte Aorus ultra x570
RTX 3060 aorus 12Gb
32Gb DDR4- 2132 Gskill Hynix
seasonic 550W

Tried far cry primal stuttering
Furmark only got about 7fps...
League of legends (training) got about 230fps but still the gpu didn't ramp up...