Question New Build - NVMe not detected

Mar 30, 2020
So I've just built a new rig:

CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
Cooler - Deepcool Castle 360 V2
Mobo - Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming
RAM - G.Skill Trident Z 3200 CL16 4x8GB
GPU - Sapphire RX590 Nitro+ SE
Storage - Western Digital Blue SN550 NVMe 1TB
PSU - Corsair RM850x
Chassis - Phanteks Eclipse P400A - Mesh Front

Everything powers up just fine but I can't seem to get into BIOS.. it gets hung up on the ROG Logo screen with the "Press F2 or Del to enter UEFI" message, but my keyboard is unresponsive.

After troubleshooting for the last 24 hours, I found that it's my NVMe that hangs up my system. By removing it I was finally able to post and access BIOS. There is an NVMe section in the BIOS but I can't access it unless I have a drive plugged in. And I can't get into BIOS with my NVMe drive inserted. My NVMe is PCIE 3.0 so I had it plugged in on the PCIE 3.0 slot instead of the 4.0. I did try it on the 4.0 slot just in case, but still no luck.

SATA has no issues at all, and it will post with a SSD and optical drive. But I want to install Windows on my NVMe drive. Unfortunately I don't have another NVMe drive to test to see if that is the real issue. And conversely, I don't have another mobo with an NVMe slot either.

I know someone else posted a similar question, but he didn't get much of a response. And what solution he was given didn't work for him either.

Anyhow, I'd appreciate any help I can get. Thanks in advance!