Question New build with odd behaviour after adding an extra fan

Aug 26, 2019
I've got a 240mm/fans radiator for my 2080 waterforce in the front of my case, a fan on top and a 120mm radiator/fan on the rear.

When I first plugged it all in just to see if everything would turn on before I tried to optimise, I had both the radiators (front and back) fans facing outwards as exhaust, and the top fan not even plugged in.

Temps were about 40~ and the computer chilled, the fans were deathly quiet.

I went out today and got one of those 3pin splitters and put my top fan and rear radiator fan together on cpu_fan header and my rear raditator on cpu_1 (my mobo only has 2 mounts that can be used).
I also swapped one of the fans from the gpu radiator to the top and put the top fan on the gpu with the other default case fan, because I figured it would benefit more from the fan than the stock ones the gpu came with, and I made the front fans be intake fans.

The two GPU fans were both 4 pin and I replaced them with 3 pin.
One of the 4 pin fans is now the top fan.

Well now the fans are going -beserk- and my cpu temps are oscillating between 37 and 41 when I'm idling.

Any ideas?

x570i gigabyte aorus/AMD 3900
Aorus 2080 waterforce and default cooler
case is Nzxt h210
radiator is the nzxt m22 kraken

The two fans I put onto gpu were the default case fans.
One gpu fan is now my top fan
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