Question New Build Wont Boot Windows 10 From USB

Apr 3, 2020
So I just finished building my first PC. I had to create a Windows 10 drive on my USB through my MAC and BootCamp. This seemed to work fine, but when I try to start my PC using the USB, I just get a small horizontal line in the top left corner of the PC and the screen flickers a little.

I would greatly appreciate any help!
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did you change anything in bios? the black screen with flashing cursor normally happens if the boot method isn't right, swapping it can fix it. It shouldn't matter though as the WIn 10 installer can use either.

what motherboard does op have?

Motherboard: MSI B450 A Pro Max
did you use boot override? What it does is over rides the choices made in boot order just once, then PC will use the right disk every other startup. Its on page 52 of your manual but it doesn't explain what it does -
in boot order, You should have the drive you want windows at in 1st position

you choose the USB in the save & exit screen
put USB in PC before start
start PC & go into bios
go to the save & exit screen
choose Boot override
choose USB drive, PC will restart and boot from USB

then when WIn 10 gets to its restart stage, it won't try to restart the install process off the USB.

See if that helps :)
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