New case, GPU and PSU


Nov 11, 2012
I have an HP Pavilion Slimline s5-1110 Desktop.
I want to get a new GPU cause Intel HD graphics as everyone knows are crap for even old games.

Problem is the case is to small for any half good cards to fit. And i cant find a PSU small enough to fit either.
I found an Athena Power Mid Tower Case for pretty cheap since i don't have a bunch of money right now.

Currently my optical drive sticks out over the motherboard about 2 inches.
With that case, Will the drive still have to stick out over the mobo? Or will they be farther apart and provide more room?

Im looking at either a Radeon HD 7750/7770 or a Nividia GTX550. Any help on which would be best would be appreciated.

I know the Dual core at 2.6GHz is pretty bad for gaming. But at the moment upgrading isn't an option and i can play most of the game i want to on it.

Basically i want to know if my current hardware will fit in that case and if it would provide more room for length wise for upgrading or if the drives have to be that close to the mobo. Ive never dealt with this stuff before so any help is appreciated.
Your motherboard is micro-atx so yes it will work with that case. Everything will fit and will alow for much upgrading.

In my opinion the HD7770 is a good card to get, low power usage and its much newer than the GTX550.

If you,look at this chart you will see that it is in a much higher tier than the GTX550.

What PSU will you get?

What is your total budget for the upgrade?