[SOLVED] (new gaming rig build) every time i turn my computer, the back rear fan starts spinning, then stops for a sec, and then start again and works fine.


Apr 24, 2019
hello everyone, i hope you are doing fine during quarantine and keep yourself healthy, im currently having some weird bug in my computer, i just finished building my new gaming rig low end yesterday (4 build), and every time i boot my computer, the back fan start spinning, then stops for a sec, and then works just fine even if i use benchmarks or full load gaming, it will work perfectly, so i was wondering, this happens in a short window of time(4sec) and it seems to only happen when i boot and my motherboard is checking all the components (red leds), is this related with some motherboard surge protection mode?, furthermore, i was thinking that this may be related too with the fact that the back fan is conected with a 4pin pwm directly to the motherboard, the other 3 front fans are connected to a rgb controller, and all system fans work great, is just the back fan that start - stop - start only when i boot my computer, thanks in advance to all of you who can help me.

BUILD: i5 9400f stock cooler intel
8 gb ram ddr4 gammix d30 adata 3000mhz
rx 560 asus rog strix 4gb 6pin connector
motherboard aorus gigabyte b360 m PRO rev 1.0
psu cooler master MWE 600w bronze plus (teapo 85 c capacitor)
chassis cooler master cmp 505 3front intake fans 1 back exhaust fans
ssd 240 bx500 crucial
my computer is connected to a 450w regulator and surge protector
note: all leds works fine