Question New GPU not working properly

Feb 16, 2023
Hello, i bought a new gigabyte 3060 12gb and installed it. Everything starts fine even the gpu fans turn on for about 3 seconds but the they turn off and wont turn back on. On any game i launch the gpu sits at 100% usage in task manager while the fps is very low. The first thing i did was update the drivers to the latest version and geforce experience recognises that i have a 3060 installed. Everything works fine with my old gpu which is a asus 1060 6gb.

So far I've tried using DDU and reinstalled the newest drivers but that didn't help.


Motherboard: rog b450 Cpu: ryzen 3600 Ram: 16gb Power supply: corsair 750w Os: win10 64bit


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Power supply: corsair 750w
Corsair is the brand of the unit, while 750W is the advertised wattage for the unit. What is the model to the unit? How old is the PSU in question?

Motherboard: rog b450
Side note, Asus have a number of B450 chipset board under the ROG moniker, which one do you have and what BIOS version are you on for said motherboard?