Question New GPU, PC gets stuck on boot screen and beeps every few seconds ?

Aug 27, 2022
Just recently bought a new PSU and a new GPU, the PSU works perfectly but the GPU is giving me problems.

What happens is I'll put it in, make sure it's seated properly, plug the power cable in and make sure that's in properly, then I turn my PC on and it brings up the boot screen where I can hit either F2 or F12 and is stuck there and every twenty to thirty seconds I'll hear a short quick beep.

I've tried pulling it back out and reseating it, multiple times. I've tried uninstalling my old GPU drivers. I've tried every PCIe cable the PSU came with, nothing has worked.

I put my old GPU back in and it works no problem.

My system specs are.

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

CPU: Intel Core I7-2600

Motherboard: Dell 0y2mrg (That's what the command prompt tells me it is)

Old GPU: NVIDIA Geforce Titan Black.

New GPU: MSI Geforce 2060 Super Ventus.

PSU: NZXT C750, modular, 2022 model. Agewise I just got it in the mail on the 27th so it's not even old.
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