new graphics card black screen.

Jul 3, 2018
So I just got a nvidia gtx 660 and installed it into my desktop. When I start up my computer however the screen is black. So I plugged the hdmi back into the original slot and it worked fine. Then I plugged it back into the graphics card hdmi port and it worked. However each time I restart the computer I have the same problem and have to go through the same process.

I think that the computer is registering the graphics card's hdmi port as a second monitor. Is there a way so I can make it the default primary monitor? I don't have much experience with this so the more details the better.
on new intel and amd pc that have built in video. there two settings in the bios that need to be changed.look at your mb bios guild that online and look for primany display if it set to auto set it to peg/pci. for the gpu and ipgpu for the mb video to be first. if you dont need both video cards on at the same time then under mulit monitor support turn it off. it free up some ram for gaming.