New graphics card's factory overclock seems unstable

Jul 30, 2018
I recently purchased a used Inno3d GTX 980 Ti X4 Ultra off eBay. The card seemed to work well and was a great improvement over my old GTX 960 - until I looked at overclocking it.

With MSI Afterburner, I set the card's power limit to the maximum of 107% but left the offsets alone, letting it run at its factory overclock speeds of 1152 MHz core and 1800 MHz memory.

Both the Heaven and Valley benchmarks crashed within seconds, leaving my screen coloured solid grey or black and forcing me to hard reset my PC. The only way I can get them to run all the way through is to apply a -90 MHz offset to the core clock. Furmark, however, runs fine - even on the factory overclock settings - and so I decided to leave the speeds at their default values.

A few days ago, I got the same solid-colour-screen crash while watching a YouTube video, leading me to create this thread. My specs are:

Motherboard: ASUS B150M Pro Gaming
CPU: i5-6500
GPU: Inno3d GTX 980 Ti X4 Ultra
PSU: Atrix 650T
OS: Windows 10

As you can see, my PSU, despite having probably the right wattage for my build, is one of those cheaper, lower quality ones.

Do you think the problem lies with my card, and thus I should keep it underclocked? Could the PSU be the culprit?

EDIT: I should also mention that I've left games on for several hours at a time with their graphics settings maxed to test the card's stability, and it hasn't crashed during this yet.
Furthermore, the GPU's temperatures never rise above 73 degrees C, and stay around the low 60s when playing games.

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