Question New headset has a buzzing noise

Feb 18, 2019
Hello! I have a problem. I have recently bought a new gaming headset because my old ones were pretty beat up.
Both my old and my new one use a usb (for the lighting), a mic jack and a audio jack. The new ones have a "vibration" effect so they basically virbrate when playing high-bass music.
When i plug my new headset in my pc I hear a faint buzzing sound. When i move my mouse i hear a high pitches noise. My mouse is the Logitech G502, so I opened the software and lowered my polling rate to 125 (or something around that). The sound has a much lower pitch but is still hearable.
More info on the headset: to get the lighting and the virbration effect you need to plug in the USB cable into your pc. The sound is only heard when both the audio cable and the usb one is plugged in. The mic port doesn't affect anything. Plugging out the usb cable and leaving the audio and microphone cables plugged in result in no buzzing/high pitched noise.
My main suspect is the mobo, because if I plug the headset into any other pc in my household they work perfectly.
I'm honestly out of ideas