Question New laptop battery not working


Mar 27, 2019
I purchased a new battery as my original one needed to be replaced. (They’re was an X on the battery and it wasn’t being recognised by windows anymore) I’m guessing it was due to overcharging it as I never really took the charger out with the battery inserted

I should note that the new replacement battery is an unofficial one but from a good source it seems anyway. Also, it is compatible as the serial number, part number and shape all line up. The laptop I own is a Lenovo Yoga s730-13iwl.

What happens is the new battery is recognised by windows and shows “100% plugged in charging” but when I take the charger out the laptop shuts off immediately.

Things I have tried so far is:

  1. Removing battery, power supply and holding down the power button for 30 seconds or more
  2. Checking if the bios needed to be updated
  3. Changing advanced power settings and putting battery on 25% for maximum processor state
  4. Updating the battery drivers in device manager
  5. Running the windows power troubleshooter
I’m hoping it’s not a faulty battery as it’s unofficial but is there anything else worth trying? Could it be something else other than the battery?


the new replacement battery is an unofficial one but from a good source
Non-genuine parts often comes with their pitfalls. One of which is the lack of a chip/sensor/part that allows the laptop to communicate with the battery in order to report what it's health is. Dell's/HP's tend to suffer most when you work with a non-genuine part. There's also the point about a battery being left in storage for a long period of time without charging/discharging.

Have you tried charging the laptop's battery overnight? It could be a faulty battery...though do you even have warranty on it or the option to return the item?