[SOLVED] New M2 SSD running much slower than expected

Sep 1, 2020

I put a new M2 SSD in my build and, after much fiddling around, I finally got Windows to detect it (still neither the BIOS nor Intel RST detect it, but that's probably beside the point).

However, when I benchmark it, the speeds are nowhere near what I would expect:
Windows System Assessment Tool
> Running: Feature Enumeration ''
> Run Time 00:00:00.00
> Running: Storage Assessment '-drive  h -ran -read'
> Run Time 00:00:00.28
> Running: Storage Assessment '-drive  h -seq -read'
> Run Time 00:00:04.34
> Running: Storage Assessment '-drive  h -seq -write'
> Run Time 00:00:03.95
> Running: Storage Assessment '-drive  h -flush -seq'
> Run Time 00:00:00.63
> Running: Storage Assessment '-drive  h -flush -ran'
> Run Time 00:00:00.67
> Dshow Video Encode Time                      0.00000 s
> Dshow Video Decode Time                      0.00000 s
> Media Foundation Decode Time                 0.00000 s
> Disk  Random 16.0 Read                       599.92 MB/s          8.4
> Disk  Sequential 64.0 Read                   800.81 MB/s          8.3
> Disk  Sequential 64.0 Write                  543.99 MB/s          8.1
> Average Read Time with Sequential Writes     0.070 ms          8.9
> Latency: 95th Percentile                     0.154 ms          8.9
> Latency: Maximum                             0.179 ms          8.9
> Average Read Time with Random Writes         0.066 ms          8.9
The build:
MSI X99A Tomahawk
Intel Core i7-6800K
Geforce GTX 1080 Ti
Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB (the new M2 SSD)
A few SATA peripherals: 2 HDDs (mirrored), 1 SSD (boot drive), 1 optical drive

A lot of what I could find online from similar questions hint at something to do with PCIe lanes. However, if I'm not mistaken, my CPU has 28 lanes, my GPU takes up 16 so there's plenty left for the SSD who needs 4. Then again my understanding of this is very limited.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!
Sep 1, 2020
🤦‍♂️ It was right there!
I must have gone to this page a dozen times and didn't think to check out the asterisk.

Thank you!