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May 7, 2019
New member with a new build(although not my first). Quick build list so yall know what I am working with...
GB b150 mobo
I7 6700K
32gb ddr4 ram
970gtx GPU
5 case fans, dual cpu fans
OC'd to 4mhz
1tb m.2 nvme
1tb samsung ssd
500gb samsung ssd(linux)
4tb WD HD
dual boot win 10pro/linux mint
*EDIT Cpu cooler is a hyper 212 LED and im running one fan as an intake on the cpu then an exhaust fan on the other side.

I mostly am running several virtual machines at once with some gaming here and there so this shouldn't really be an issue, but still curious. Being a new build I decided to go ahead and run a stress test to triple check stability(i have built several machines like this). I ran furmark for gpu and intel burn in on very high at the same time. After a few min of testing the gpu was at 76C which is ok since it never went above, however my cpu hit 89C(I killed this test at this point) on several different trail runs. Is this too high? Also if so, I what the heck could be causing temps this high? My avg room temp is between 52-60F since I live in Montana and like it cold, so I know its not ambient temp causing an issue. I see so many different "normal" and "max" temps for this cpu so, if my temps are ok what can I run it too without burning something down.

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You have Core i7 and you put Hyper 212 on it, why?

Hyper 212 is a poor excuse for a CPU cooler and i'd put it only on Core i3. Core i5 would see better cooler (e.g Arctic Freezer 33 series) and Core i7 would get one of the big boys (Dark Rock Pro 3 or NH-D15) to cool it.

So, here's your issue, cheaping out on CPU cooler = high temps on CPU when CPU has load on it.

The normal operating temp for i7-6700K is 53°C to 70°C, given that you run stock clocks and have good cooling on CPU. Over 70°C on CPU points towards insufficient cooling. Anything below 80°C is good but at 90°C and up, CPU will thermal throttle.

Btw, you haven't OC'd your i7-6700K to 4Ghz. 4Ghz is the normal operating frequency for i7-6700K, with turbo boost up to 4.2Ghz. Also, if you want to OC your CPU, you can't do that since your B150 chipset MoBo doesn't support K-series CPU OC. For CPU OC, you're looking towards Z170 or Z270 chipset MoBo.
A hyper 212 should be able to cool that cpu at stock. I would reapply thermal paste and make sure the cooler is seated securely.
If that doesnt fix it you may want to buy a better cooler.
A 4 core wouldnt be my first choice to run a bunch of vms.