Question new motherboard

Sep 23, 2019
hey my mobo is making me headaches because it didnt come wit any VRM heatsinks. The problem is that i have asus prime b360m-A and my pc suddenly restarts itself when gaming. so i wrote a question here already where i found it is my mobo. they sad most likely what is happenning is that my VRM is overheating so they suggested me to set maximum cpu state to 70% to make sure it is mobo. since then i had week without any restart. so i iam going to wait whole month to make sure but need help with new one.

so my question is is this mobo good enough for my specs. or is it good at all. i dont want to get in exactly same problem. i went for the one with bluetooth because my current one doesnt have bluetooth and i have bluetooth speakers.
asus tuf b360 pro gaming wifi

my specs
prime b360m-a
i7 8700
gtx 1660 TI
16gb ram
2x500gb SSD
EVGA supernova 850 g+
You are using the stock heatsink fan? It’s not good enough for an 8700 once it boosts. I wouldn’t use either of those boards with an 8700. Why buy a top end CPU and low end motherboard? You gonna buy a Porsche and use 87 octane while driving 35 all day?