New pc build parts list


Feb 5, 2017
Building a pc and don't know if these parts are a good choice

Parts are

Case corsair spec alpha
Mobo Asus m5a97
Gpu gigabyte gt730
Psu corsair cp9020097
Cpu amd fx 6300
fans come with case
Ssd Samsung evo 850 250 gb
Ram hyper x fury 8gb
Cpu cooler hyper 103 by cooler master

Do you think these parts would be ok for a pc used for light editing and gaming


Feb 4, 2017
These specs would do just fine for your needs...
If u aren't looking forward to Photoshop editing and light PC gaming at a 720p resolution..

I also have somewhat similar specs that of urs.
*Intel g3240
*8gb a data 1600mhz ddr3 ram
*Zotac GT 730 2gb dd5
*450 wat smps
Question from John_632 : "New pc build parts list"

The FX 6300 is really too weak for modern gaming. I recommend either going for an Intel Kabylake (7th gen) Pentium (yes, you read that right), or waiting a while for AMD Ryzen to come out.

Also, I'd advise against getting a Corsair VS series power supply. They are really low quality, I wouldn't trust them with a build such as this. A Seasonic S12II, XFX TS, or Corsair CX M would be good.

The GT 730 is too weak if you want to play anything that was made after 2012 and isn't a 2D indie game. Anything from an Rx 460 to a GTX 1050 Ti is what I'd recommend. Sacrifice the SSD if you need to, and take out the aftermarket cooler.


The problem I have with this build is the dated technology. AMD is coming out with their AM4 socket any day now which will support DDR4, and Intel has been using DDR4 for 2 years now or so. My recommendation would be to go with a modern DDR4 system that will be more future proof.

An Intel I3 7100 is about $15 more than the FX-6300 and is way more modern. It was only released weeks ago and support the latest Intel chipsets.

An H270 based motherboard can be had for the same price or maybe $10-25 more than the M5A97.

The same HyperX RAM 8GB but DDR4 is the same price as DDR3 so that's not an issue.

The integrated HD630 graphics of the Intel CPU is actually better than the GT730 video card so you save $80 form not having to buy that. It pays for the upgrade to the more modern CPU and memory. Then you can save up for a real video card if desired instead of wasting money now on an inferior one. use the built in graphics of the CPU for the time being.

The I3-7100 comes with a heatsink so that coolermaster is not required saving another $30 or so.

I won't comment on the rest of the system for now since I just wanted to point out the obvious. You can do better for the same money at this point in time by going Intel. In another month the new AMD stuff might be to market and it might be a different story. But if purchasing today the I3-7100 is what I would buy at that budget.


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