Question New pc build problem

Nov 10, 2020
I have the following configuration:
CPU:ryzen 5 2600x
RAM:2x hyperx fury 8gb 3200mhz
MOBO:asrock b450m steel legend
GPU: XFX rx 470 8gb gddr5
CASE FAN:5x marfo fn11 blue led fan
CASE:Deepcol E-shield

I have couple of problems. It's a little bit more to read but please be patient and help me. I should mention that i have no OS installed.
At first everything seemed to work, but i had no signal and after 5 seconds the pc would enter a restart loop. Everytime after 5 seconds it would restart and the gpu fans worked. I changed RAM slots, same. After that, i changed the gpu (Gigabyte Gt 1030) and everyting worked including the gpu fan but some case fan's lights would turn off. Then i replaced back the gpu (rx 470), and the following happened:
1st case: RAM in a2/b2- starts, fans light up, after 1 second one fan's light turned off and also gpu fans turned off, pc boots in bios, ram does not OC to 3200 with xmp activated and just after turning off pc from psu button, that one fan light turns on and then the whole pc shuts down.
2nd case: RAM in A1/B1- starts, fans light up and then all lights turn off, gpu fans turns off, boots in bios, again ram will not overclock to 3200 with xpm activated. Again after powering off from switch the lights turn on for a sec then shuts down.
3rd case: 1 ram at a time, for 1 dimm it's the same as case1 for A1 and B2 and case 2 for A2 and B1 and for the other one it's case 2 for A1 and case 1 for the rest.

What can i do so it works. I'm mostly concerned about the gpu fans and ram not overclocking.