Build Advice NEW PC BUILD: Ryzen 3700x + motherboard first and later a GPU


Mar 4, 2016
Hello !
As you can see from the title i am oriented towards doing a new build. My intel i7 4720hq gtx 950M4gb, 8gb of RAM Laptop Asus had its graphics card die on me two months ago and i am not planning to fix it due to the risks of things repeating (using it for games also). Decided to not deal with laptops anymore.
I am on a low budget at the moment so my basic idea was to start a new build first by byuing the processor (Ryzen 3700x) and the motherboard first. This is because i have a desktop PC at home (from which i am typing now) but an Intel setup from 2010. My question to you guys is would it be okay, in your opinion, to buy the 3700x and a motherboard first and move my HDD,GPU and PSU from my current motherboard onto the new one for as long as i need to save up money for a decent GPU from the RTX series ? I am going to use the new build mainly for gaming and possibly one day will try to develop my youtube channel. So AMD is the choice here compared to INTEL although i dont want to experience STUTTERS while gaming due to unstable FPS. I have some more questions.
Easier version of the topic (Important points are 3,4,5,7,8,10):

Thread UPDATE #1 - I made my CPU choice ! It will be the Ryzen 5 3600 (non X version) The only thing left for a choice is the motherboard and GPU suggestions by you guys :)

2- Laptop died and im trying to make a Ryzen 3-rd gen(possibly 2ng gen) build (Ryzen 3700x or 2700x and motherboard at first due to lack of money for a decent GPU for this processor). This is because i want my build to be future proof.
3-Will my Nvidia GT 630 2gb DDR3 run in a combo with these processors (oldest card ive seen being used with it is the GT 1030) ?
4- Ryzen 2700x is also an option but the fact that it has 105W consumption makes me go for the Ryzen 3700x and because i would be able to get a cheaper PSU and it is better in FPS for games from what i`ve seen as benchmarks. Also the 3700x has more threads. Do you guys think the Ryzen 2700x will be as future proof as the ryzen 3700x ? The 3700x is still new on the market and the price difference between the two CPUs is pretty big. I wont be using it for editing soon so mainly gaming in 2020. Rendering for youtube maybe later. If there isnt a big difference in rendering time ill go with whats cheaper.
5-What motherboard should i choose considering i am planing to pair it for the future with The Ryzen 3700x/2700x and an RTX GPU if i am able to save up a good amount of money.
6-I have seen the Ryzen 5 3600x but since it is a 6 core CPU i dont think it will be as future proof. If anyways you see it as a good option please share opinions. Overall though i want to stick to the Ryzen7 2700x/3700x
7- What RAM memory should i choose ?
8-If there wont be a big enough difference between a Ryzen 2700x build and a 3700x build - i was using bottleneck calculator and both can support the best graphics cards available now with no bottlenecks - i may be wrong.... I am planing to go for the cheaper option. Would that be correct ?
9- Black Friday is coming and i know im hoping for too much the to be discounted with 20-30% but maybe the 2700x will have a very good deal on it.
10- After all these questions what motherboard and CPU would you personally choose if your Budget was 400 to 450$ knowing that for the future you would want a strong graphics card ?
11-Which CPUs, Motherboards and RAM memories which are good enough for my future configuration are likely to go on sale ?

Please share your opinions, correct me if needed. I would appreciate it !
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