Question New PC occasionally reboots

Jan 23, 2022
Short version: I've built a PC as a gift for my uncle, and it works fine, but occasionally reboots. This happens rarely enough I can't reproduce it. It might be related to MS Office somehow.

Specs: PSU: Seasonic CORE GC-650 (SSR-650LC), CPU: Ryzen 5 5600G, motherboard: MSI B550M PRO-VDH, RAM: Patriot Steel Viper (Samsung B-dies), SSD: Samsung 860 EVO, cooler: Deepcool Gammax 300, HDD: Toshiba P300, Wi-FI/Bluetooth card: Asus PCE-AX3000, OS: Windows 10 Edu (basically equal to Pro version).

First problem: after assembling this PC, I ran Prime95 for a couple of hours on it. Maximum temp was 70-something degrees, and it stabilized around 50. After gifting it my relative mentioned a problem with Office 2016. He said it felt "laggy" after his experience with Word 2003, didn't react as fast to his keystrokes as he wanted. I googled for a solution and found an advice to disable hardware acceleration in MS Office. After I did that, I relaunched MS Word and PC rebooted instantly. I tried it again, it rebooted again. Third time, the same happened. I couldn't find a solution on the Internet, so I uninstalled Office 2016 and installed Office 2003, especially since my uncle greatly preferred it. Installed the file converter and it worked fine, or so I thought. I just assumed Ryzen iGPU drivers really didn't like Office without hardware acceleration. Those wacky AMD graphic drivers, right?

Current problem (no idea if it's related to previous one): turns out, PC still occasionally reboots. Happens 1-2 times per week (PC is used daily and extensively as a work/multimedia machine). I looked in the Event Viewer and only critical errors I see are have event ID 41, which just means that system rebooted improperly (and once I click on the Detail tab it only shows zeroes). Now, his old PC also rebooted occasionally, which I attributed to a faulty PSU (poor thing was over 20 years old). I tried asking if there were any lights flickering when it rebooted, indicating a trouble with electric network, and got a negative answer. I asked if he had Word running during the failure, and he said it's pretty much all the time.

What I did so far: disabled XMP profile, dropping RAM to its default 2400 MHz; run sfc /scannow command (it repaired some errors, which might've appeared in the first place due to reboots); run checkdisk on system partition; used Windows built-in RAM tester (it returned no errors). What I plan to do (if this didn't work, anyway): update UEFI; check if I have the latest AMD drivers. I can't do some obvious things like reinstalling Windows (at least for now), since uncle needs PC every day.

This is driving me nuts. What if it's a hardware failure? Maybe you have some ideas, or encountered something similar. I'm especially curious about the first issue. Seems bizarre to me that simply checking an option in Office would completely wreck it like that.
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