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When you click on the new posts icon it takes you to the last post. That's great. However if that new post is on page 2 and there are 3 pages sometimes I don't notice and then I have to go back into the thread to see page 3 (or more).

It seems to me that if there are new posts on more than one page, the new post button should take you to the last post, BUT it should show ALL posts.
Agreed. But this won't work very well on longer threads. Perhaps it should show all the new posts. But not load the entire thread (Obviously there should be a 'previous' button to access the rest of the thread)


Nov 6, 2005
I am confused now. There is a new post button on the left of the thread title, which takes you to the FIRST new post (not the last one). Is that not working. We know there may be a small bug reported in another thread related to this.. but I am not quite sure what the problem is here.


No problem at all. I posted this in feature requests....

What I want is for it to not only go to the first new post (which it does), but if the new post is on say page 2 but there are 4 pages total, for it to show ALL posts rather than just page 2.