Question New Router Faster Speed - Several Issues

Feb 26, 2020
Greetings all,

So some background.
I have been using Spectrum service, connected to FIOS router. My speed test is around 46 on the dl and 11.62 ul.

Recently, I purchase a new fancy Netgear wifi router, my new speed test came in at almost 95 dl and 11.65 ul.
Two other speed test services confirmed the increased speed.
Source Forge test shows 21ms ping and 0 packet loss.

FYI...have an ethernet cable connected to the routers during the tests.

Now the issues, that only happen with the new router.
  1. Sometimes when hitting a link in Explorer or Firefox, it will say, 'not connected to internet', I hit 'try again' and it goes through.
  2. A site, I usually download mods from, I kept getting 'download interrupted'
  3. World of Tanks, I will be playing then hit some jerky lag, where my tank zooms forward or some such. My fps is a constant 60 with both modems and ping around 45.
So, I put back my FIOS router, my speed drops to 45 - 48, yet none of the above problem exists.

My laptop is a Dell inspiron with i5-7200cpu @ 2.5 GHz 2.7 Ghz, 8 GB Ram, Windows 10 operating system.

The TV and my Samsung tablet show no adverse reaction to either WIFI router.

Any help would be appreciated.


Jan 16, 2014
I would reset your netgear router and then test again. If the problem still persists, upgrade or downgrade the firmware and try again. If it still persists, exchange it. If the new one still does it, I'm out of ideas, lol.
What speed do you pay the ISP for.

I am somewhat confused. FIOS is a fiber service mostly by verison but they did sell off some to a company called frontier. Spectrum is a cable tv based system that uses docsis mostly.

The troubleshooting is a little different depending what you really have. With true fios there should be a ONT in your house.
Feb 26, 2020
I had FIOS for years and they became Frontier, I dumped Frontier for Spectrum.
FIO's never asked for their old wifi router back. So, I am on Spectrum wiring.

When the Spectrum tech came, he said I can use the FIOS router as my wifi router, which I have been doing for 2 years. Which by now it is outdated.

Other notes: when I installed the Netgear router, they did a firmware update. I did reboot the new router, a day later, and still had the same issues.
I put the Verizon router back and it's working again but at half the download speeds.

Spectrum claims I am to be getting 100mps DL. The new router gets me close to that, best speed reading was 92dl.

I may do the return exchange.

Is there such a thing as too much speed for the computer to handle? The laptop is only 2 years old, so it is not a dog.
You should be able to try directly connected to the modem and see if that ever causes the issues.

Your problems sound like packet loss but it would be very unusual for a router to cause this. I would leave a constant ping run to your router IP and to the ISP first router (likely hop 2 in tracert). Goal is to see if anything strange happens in these when you see the problems with applications.

You should also be able to log into the modem itself. Most times the ip is but you will have to verify. Most modems have logs that show if you are getting errors, you always see some on even a good connection. You can also see the signal levels. You can look these up to see if your connection is withing the recommended values. The ones that is a common source of issues is the upload db numbers are too high which causes data loss.