[SOLVED] New System Build - Part of motherboard is touching the case - unavoidable - is this normal?

May 11, 2021
Hey all,

I am new here (and new to system building), I just built my first PC and despite using standoffs, I have noticed one part of my motherboard is touching the case and I don't know what that parts is. It looks like plastic for the motherboard plate but can't tell and I don't want to undo the work.

I only noticed it now and haven't turned the system on yet. My motherboard is AsRock B550 Taichi and the case is Define XL R2 by Fractal Design.

You can see a photo here: https://ibb.co/QYdFfBt

Look at the yellow writing.

The motherboard's I/O shield is perfectly aligned against the gap in the case so there is no other way to move the board. I merely faced the I/O shield towards the gap in the case and the standoffs holes on the board aligned with the holes on the case and I just put the standoff there.

It's probably nothing but I just want to double check.