Question New system has Resolution & Text Size problem


Jan 19, 2012
Just bought a new Dell 3660 workstation with Following specs.
Two NVIDIA T-600 Cards each with 4miniDP ports to run 8 Monitors ( 24 inch each 1920x1200 resolution)
Windows-11 Pro.
Intel i-7 12700 CPU

Since there are 8 Monitors, I have to sit at least 4 feet away so I can see all 8 monitors & be able to read text from them.

(1) So I increased the text size to Full in Win-11 settings.
But if I do that then text gets clipped of any file or folder names in Windows explorer as shown in attachment. It does not get clipped in the left side bar.
So the only way I can read the text is to reduce the text size to only 20%. Any increase to more than 20% will cut the text as in attachment. There is no way I can read that text. This problem occurs in Windows explorer file & folder names. Right now I have enlarged it to 100% but I don't have any problem with text in this post or most websites
I have been using Win-7 with 12 Monitors for 10 years without this problem. So is this Win-11 problem or something else & how do I resolve this issue.

(2) One of the 8 monitor has resolution problem meaning everything including text size is very large. If I connect the same monitor with my old system there is no problem which rules out any problem with monitor itself. So what is the problem & how do I resolve it.

Sorry but I could not attach the images. Can someone tell me how to insert an image from my PC to this thread ?

Thank You