New system will not go


Feb 12, 2009
I recently build a low end system, got all the components put it all together and nothing would go, try a few things found it was a faulty motherboard. Got it replaced, now it goes but get a blank screen. After trying for ages couldn't get it to go so took it into a repairer. They said fualty GPU. Sent this back but it is fine according to vendor. Any ideas would be helpful

Ausu P5QL-E motherboard
Intel Q6600 CPU
Palit 9800GT
G.SKILL 4GB kit (2GB x 2) DDR2-1066 (PC-8500) CL5-5-5-15 Memory

" goes but get a blank screen." When, the whole time, or after a BIOS message? If you are able to get into the BIOS, increase the RAM voltage to what yours needs, probably 2.1v-2.2v. If you are not, then order some DDR2-800 that will operate at the JEDEC STANDARD 1.8v and try that.
@zzfh; think maybe the "repairer" put his card in a test rig and it failed there too.

@op, did he try another video card in your system and it worked? If so, what card did he try? What PSU do you have? Brand/model at least please, and how many amps can it provide on the +12V rail (or rails) ? When you mounted the mobo to the case, did you screw it in directly or did you put standoffs between the mobo and the case? If you used standoffs, did you put any where there was not a corresponding screw hole? If you did not use standoffs, hope no further damage was done and immediately install the standoffs before powering on any more.