Question New thermal pads and paste reference 6900XT


Sep 21, 2012
Hello, I purchased a used 6900XT from someone on FB marketplace who was using the card in a custom loop. I noticed that my card was having some thermal throttling (junction reaching 110c and decreasing clocks as well as a lot of stuttering). I decided to repad and paste the card myself. I picked up some GE-Extreme 2mm pads and applied them on the VRM and Memory chips, then I applied some TM30 paste to the die because that's all I had. I used a generous amount and spread it across the die before putting the card back together. Now my card is idling warmer and my pc crashes any time I try to start something graphically intensive. I was able to see the junction temp hit 111c before crashing, but I highly doubt its safe to keep doing it at that temp.

After some more research, I found that the stock thermal pad size for my card is 1mm for the VRM and 2mm for the memory, but I applied 2mm to everything. I ordered some more 1mm and 2mm pads to reapply as well as an IC Graphite pad to replace the thermal paste with on the die. Any advice on getting it working in the meantime?