New To Windows, Need Screensaver Advice


May 13, 2012
Ok, so windows sometimes does itself no favors in the design department. These default screensavers are horrible and look like a holdover from win 95! Look at OSX screensavers, they're not complicated by any stretch of the imagination, they are simple, elegant, and attractive. It's not rocket science!

Soooo my question is, being new to Windows 7, is there somewhere that I can get official screensavers? Is the screensaver format an open format for 3rd parties to develop? If so is there a trusted source to get screensavers from? I don't want to just randomly download savers or add ons from random sites, I want to do this the right way. Or do you have to install some kind of 3rd party screensaver environments? I'm not super keen on that idea unless there are some real reliable standard applications that are the defacto go-to solution.

Any help is much appreciated!


screen savers are so passe. They just eat up cpu cycles and have no benefit other than eye candy and they dont even look that nice. hah. My advice? Simply set your screen to go to sleep after 30 mins or so.

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