Question new used pc advice for airflow and ssd placing


Jun 24, 2012
800 g1 ssf is the used pc i got

i want to place ssd

1 is there place? where to place it?
2 where to plug it on mobo? with what cable? sata?
3 i have 3 120 noctua fan i could use, where to place them? there seem not to have mesh !!
4 is the power supply strong enough for the additionnal ssd (already has hdd

I only see two apparent sata ports on the motherboard, and they are both occupied.
One to a HDD and one to a cd device.
They use a sata data cable.

If the new ssd is a replacement for the HDD, clone the HDD to the SSD and use the HDD connections.
You can use a 3.5" to 2.5" drive adapter.
Or, just duct tape the ssd in place.

If you want to add the ssd, you probably can buy a pcie adapter which will add some sata ports.
But, it is unclear if the psu has more than the two sata connectors that I can see.
As to airflow, the capability seems to be minimal.
A modern processor can do nicely with minimal airflow, but it looks like you have a very old tech pc which is apt to run hot. Your problem will come if you install a strong graphics card.
A moot point since your psu will not be strong enough to run any but the parts the pc came with.


Jun 24, 2012
duck tape? that will prevent aire cooling the ssd doesn't it?

the psu has more th ddid you mean mobo?
i dont plan adding gpu no
if i juste add the ssd and keep the hdd will the psu be overloaded?
there are 3 place for sata looking like female connector blue

oh and the fans, i already have them where sould i put them? without mesh is ok?
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A ssd is light and does not get particularly hot.
Duct tape would be a last resort not my preferred method.
You can screw the ssd to someplace within the case. There will be 4 screw holes on a 2.5" ssd.
Only two are needed.

I would keep it simple.
Buy a samsung 860 EVO or QVO of sufficient capacity that will hold what the current HDD does plus some.
Use the samsung ssd migration aid to copy the windows C drive to the ssd and replace the hdd.
Here is a link to the instructions and app:

A ssd requires both a sata data cable plugged into the motherboard as well as a sata power cable which the psu should supply.
A ssd requires very little power, you will be ok.

Fans are used to get heated air out of the case.
Where you could usefully mount them, I don't know.
I don't see any way to power the fans, or any case vents to exhaust hot air.

What cpu are we talking about here?
It looks like a very old cooler.
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Ahah! I think I found it.
It looks like a quite nice pc.
What is your intended use?

Here is what I would do.
1. I would replace the installed HDD with windows on it with a Samsung 860 evo of whatever capacity you want. A ssd will use the same power as a HDD, perhaps less.
The power used is minimal if you want to add one.
A ssd will transform the performance of anything you do.
You open up the case and attach the ssd using one of the blue sata ports on the motherboard and use the sata connector which I see.
I think you can do this with the case open, but if you want to close it, just leave the ssd lying on the bottom. When done, replace the current HDD with the new ssd and test.
It looks to me like the current HDD is a 2.5" drive so the replacement should be compatible.

2. In the event that you want to do some gaming, you are limited by the 230w available on the power supply.
The card must also be low profile to physically fit.
I might suggest a GT1030 card like this:
The card does have a fan, and it will direct the heat out the back of the case.

3. There are no fans supplied, and no places to put one.
The cooling needs are minimal, and depend on convection.
The only fan is on the power supply.
It draws air from the interior of the case and exhausts it out the back.
This is sufficient for the cpu installed.


The motherboard has 3 sata ports, there is a open one just to the left of the sata port that is plugged into the harddrive.

you can run another Sata cable to the DVD drive and just place the SSD in the cage. I do this to almost every dell at work, if your not moving it every other day its fine just sitting there.
I think you do not have a discrete gpu(Graphics Processing Unit)
Your monitor, I presume attaches to a port on the motherboard.
No problem there.
The samsung 860 is a top quality ssd; how large is it?
I assume you have a working windows installed on the HDD.
If the ssd is sufficiently large to replace the used contents of HDD, I would urge you to do that.
The value of a ssd comes mainly from replacing the windows C drive.
90% of windows activity is small random I/O and a ssd will do that some 40x faster than a HDD.

Do not worry about the ssd touching metal. In fact if you wanted to secure it somewhere, using screws to immobilize it to the case somewhere would be the best thing to do.

But, better, yet, if you just replace the HDD, you can mount it in place of the HDD.