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Question New Windows 10 build cannot use mouse

Jason H.

Okay to make this short and sweet... I just put together a new pc. Installed Windows 10. Everytime I boot the pc my gtx 1060 fans come on for a second then go off. Which I hear is normal, however, the heat pipes are VERY HOT. And in my mobo, I see nowhere to check GPU temp as the mobo dont recognize the GPU, and I tried using keyboard shortcuts and using Task Manager but the gpu also doesnt show there.

Probably need to install drivers right? Well to install driver I need internet and I cannot connect to the internet using my Netgear A6100 using keyboard shortcuts so I need a mouse, BUT I CANT INSTALL MOUSE DRIVERS BECAUSE NO INTERNET.

Mouse is a old Logitec M100 M-U0026 ... I downloaded the latest driver for the mouse from their website and used a usb drive to install it onto the new pc.... MOUSE STILL DONT WORK!

SO...... is my gpu's heatpipes supposed to be too hot to touch? Wheb I unplugged the HDMI cable, even the metal connector of the cable was pretty warm.

Can anyone help?

Pc specs

CPU- Ryzen 5 2600
GPU- Gtx 1060 3gb Oc edition
MOBO- Msi Tomahwak
RAM- 8gb ddr4 3000
SSD- Samsung Evo 860 250gb
PSU- Corsair CX 550

Jason H.

What was it? Dead mouse?
I cannot make this up, I wasnt looking when I plugged in the mouse, and it was in the ethernet port............ I shoyld throw the whole pc away after this 😂

However oddly, the gpu is not getting as hot as it was? Idk if this is because it got its proper drivers or what but, it wasnt even as hot this time and the fans kicked on.

Im very tired and its been a long day at work. Cant believe this lol.