Build Advice Next steps? Upgrading an old computer, and planning for a new system.


Feb 3, 2008
I used to be bigger into computers, then just sort of lost interest. When my FIL passed, he left behind a non-functioning Acer Aspire with an i5-4440, that I have been using after figuring out a memory problem.
Recently I have been getting more interested in gaming again, and will want to give 2077 a shot.
I have replaced the PSU with my old system's 430 watt, and installed my old system ATI 4850. I have a 1650 super inbound.
I'll probably update it to windows 10 when I get the new card.
I imagine I will update to an AM5 slot system in the next couple of years and carry over the graphics, at least initially. I like AMD based systems since they stick with the same slot for years, so I can update the CPU down the road without a whole new system.

What else can I buy that could carry over to the next system and still make a difference in this system?

My initial though was a SSD, either SATA or use a PCIex1 card to adapt to the m2 whatever standard.
any thing else worth considering?


Post the full hardware specs for the Acer Aspire.

My thoughts:

A SATA SSD, 240 GB or better.

Add RAM - matched set for dual channel.


That said....

However, remember "requirements".

What games do you wish to play or are considering to play?

Your computer must meet the necessary hardware and OS specs required by the desired games.

Most games list hardware requirements in some form of "minimal" , "recommended", or "best".

You do not want minimal and you do want as much best as you can afford. In some situations upgrading to best may be more costly than a new PC.

Refer to the host motherboard's User Guide/Manual. The documentation will list the supported hardware configurations and likely refer you to the motherboard's manufacturer's website for more information.

List the current hardware configuration in a column. Next to that add another column for candidate hardware upgrades along with a corresponding column for the costs of each specific upgrade.

You may discover that all those upgrades (and corresponding costs) will not bring the Acer up to the necessary game play requirements.

Details and diligence matter.


Feb 3, 2008
Ram would be completely wasted on the next system. I am looking for stuff I can carry forward to the next system. Besides, 8gb is enough for this one.

It is a Haswell H81 system. Apsire TC-605 board.

for 2077, The min CPU is pretty comparable to mine. I am a bit shy, but not drastically. Graphics planned will be close to the recommended and well above the min. Memory is at the min, but I will have more than the min graphical memory.
The minimum requirements listed are usually pretty conservative since that when people start getting stupid if you claim their system can play the game, but it really can't

OS will, need to change. I could either update to 10 from this garbage 8.1, or dig up my old 7 disks.

I have no doubts about it playing,, and if it will offload some of the processing onto the cuda cores, it should run pretty good.
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