No 1440x900 res. on e1705 in Ubuntu 7.04


Jan 14, 2006
I just installed Ubuntu 7.04 64 bit on my laptop, an inspiron e1705

Core 2 Duo 5300, 2 Gig, 160 Gig HD, 7900GS, 1440x900

It was REALLY easy installing it, making a partition in the harddrive and all. The problem is, The default resolution for the screen is 1280x800 instead of the max 1440x900. I have searched for answers and came up with thousands of results, but none of them truely make sense to me. Im a linux noob.

At first, i wanted to update the nvidia drivers, but looking at the instructions scared the **** out of me. All I need is the 1440x900, and Ill be happy.

Could anybody give dumbed-down step by step process of this? I would appreciate it. Remember, im linux deficient other than knowing what the terminal is

thank you