No Apple forum, no mention of new OS X Snow Leopard?

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Sep 19, 2009

I'd love to see a Mac section on Tom's Hardware. For instance, it would be great to know what's "under the hood" of new Macs, best upgrade sources, and what's the best software (most reliable, etc.) for each application. Even a subsection for the Hackintosh, would be nice.

I used to hate Macs, since they were less reliable, in my experience, than Windows machines I built myself. However, with the change to a Unix based OS and Intel processors, Macs are now as reliable or even more so than Windows PCs. With the 'interesting' OS path MS has recently taken (XP, XP-64 bit, Vista 32 & 64 bit versions, and now Win 7 32 & 64 bit versions) there is a great deal of confusion for casual computer users. I use Vista Ultimate 32 & 64 bit versions, Windows 7 RC (64-bit), openSUSE, & OS-X (installing Snow Leopard soon), but I currently recommend Macs for my computer novice family and friends, since it is much easier for them to use and less work for me to explain how to use it to them. I would never have thought this to be the case only five years ago, but times change. Macs are also very important in scientific research, education, and graphic arts. The so called "cool" aspect of using a Mac is purely advertising and I'm not so slow that I believe someone is cool if they use a Mac. Obviously the big problem with Macintosh is they only come in an overly basic model, notebooks and AIOs, and a really good (& expensive) Workstation. Hopefully that too will change in the next five years and we'll be building our own legal Macs.

I think there are many more readers out there like me, but, without them speaking up, it's hard to tell.





Have a look back through the old posts. I had to step in and defend the last guy that asked for an apple forum in the Linux section. He later got banned for a post in the other but it surprised me the venom of hatred that was displayed in an otherwise very civilised section.


Jun 21, 2009
"A hint Tom's -- Microsoft market share is falling 75% last year and now it's 67% -- that's a BIG drop, smell the coffee Tom's and open your minds."

where do you get your figures from?

Last i checked microsoft had 92.52% of the pc market while apple had 5.27% and linux around 0.96%

anyway why are apples even worth mentioning, they barely support anything, have ah heck all games worth mentioning & are almost impossible to upgrade (unless u take it to a apple store i guess, but ram & hdds can old speed up your pc so much)

face it, pc is where its at atm (windows & linux pwn apple :p)


And yet V8Venom hasn't posted there... another person that likes to complain simply for the sake of complaining rather than actually having any interest in the end results.