No Display After Installing New Components


Oct 4, 2012
I recently just bought a new GPU, some more ram, and a ssd to upgrade my rig but I’m having trouble getting the display to show after installing the parts.

I’ve tried using the onboard graphics which isn’t working - the hdmi or dvi from the gpu doesn’t work. I’ve tried reinstalling the old gpu to see if anything appears but that doesn’t work either. I double checked to ensure all the wires and connections are in the right place and the components are seated correctly. But I’m just having no luck. I’m thinking it might be the additional RAM I installed but haven’t gotten to testing it out yet.

I’m not sure about the drivers either, I remember awhile back cleaning up some NVidia drivers since I was using a amd gpu, but now that I’m making the switch it occurs to me that may be an issue as well.

Any suggestions or tips that could help would be awesome.

My specs are (w/ new components):
Gpu: EVGA Gtx 1050 SC
CPU: Intel i5 -2550k
MoBo: Maximus IV - GeneZ
Supply: 700W
RAM: 2x4gb Corsair Vengence + 2x4gb ripjaws DDR3 (same timing-new ram)


Aug 31, 2013
No display, so the monitor just remains black. This could be a RAM problem if the system fails to load, but if you hear the success beep or if you hear your hard drives. The steps I would start out with:
- Switch back to the RAM configuration that allows your display to work (hopefully is possible). Then make sure your onboard video interface is enabled in your BIOS and try running with the new RAM and no GPU. Give it a quick test with memtest86.
- Uninstall all video drivers, check for Windows updates, get everything good to go, reboot the PC and then install your new drivers, shut down the system, and install the new drivers, then verify the device is functioning through your device manager.
- Test the new card, you may have to disable the onboard video options again from your BIOS.