Question No display signal after installing a new cooler


Jun 4, 2018
Hi, yesterday I bought and installed a new cpu cooler Noctua NH d15, but unfortunately when trying to turn on my pc, it either gets stuck in a process of running for a few seconds with working fans, and motherboard lights working, turning off and then booting up again OR it keeps me working but there is no signal message on my monitor. So far I have: Unattached the cooler and attached it back again, reapplied thermal compound, made sure ram sticks are properly put in, tried putting my gpu in a different slot, made sure every cable was properly placed, disassembled and reassembled my whole pc to make sure every single thing is properly put in place, tried with different monitor and hdmi cable. I doubt, that some of my parts broke down, since yesterday morning everything worked just fine. Any help would be appreciated.
My specs: motherboard asrock z390 extreme 4
Ram: Gskill 3200mhz 4x8gb cl16
Gpu gtx 1070 ti
CPU I79700k
Pc case silentium pc I don’t remember the exact model


That PSU may be nearing its' designed in EOL (End of Life) and starting to falter and fail.

May have been at some threshold and the upgrade pushed the PSU in to some failure.

Do you have access to another known working PSU to swap in and test?