Question No display using PCI Express x16 video card

Dec 8, 2021
HP Pavilion 500t with onboard video but trying to add a video card to the PCI Express x16.
I've tried both the AMD Radeon HD 8490 and the MSI GeForce 210.
The slot is enabled in the Bios.
But when the new card is installed I get no display at all.
Even if I still have the monitor plugged into the Onboard video card.
I do not see an option in Bios to disable the Onboard video but regardless I would expect it to still have a display if still using the Onboard.


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Are you working with the 180W unit that came bundled with the prebuilt? How old is the PSU(the prebuilt essentially) in your build? While you're in BIOS, can you check to see what BIOS version you're on at the time of writing? I'd advise on dropping the GPU into a similar 3rd Gen Intel system and see if you get display. The only thing I see that's holding you back is the PSU.
Dec 8, 2021
Looks like Bios Rev MEM V80.13
Yes its the PSU that came with the system.
It is PS-5301-02 and is a 300W unit.
If that is the problem would that prevent any display when the card is plugged in even if I was still using the onboard video?
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