Question No display when adding a new GPU

Feb 19, 2021
Hey all,


CPU - AMD A8-7650K
RAM - 16 DDR3
1tb HDD

ADDING: sapphire hd 7750 1gb gddr5

Grabbed a second hand pc, slight upgrade than what i had. I don't need a hardcore gaming pc just one that can play some basic low gpu games.

First of all the PC starts in BIOS, no matter what i select it'll go to BIOS, i then have to exit bios to load windows. Super annoying, settings other than clock and boot seq save but no other changes i make stay.. read this could be a cmos issue, i have replaced the batter but no effect. I can see where to get rid of this.

The processor has internal graphics but i wanted to add my old gpu in HD 7750 (will upgrade in the future). If i plug in the GPU i get a blank screen on start up no matter how i plug it into a monitor using the new GPU or the internal. I have downloaded drivers for the mobo and gpu nothing.. disabled the internal gpu and restarted still no joy.
I'm yet to do a complete format but any other ideas?

Thanks! Hope you guys can help!