Question No Network Adapater is Working, ipconfig hangs

Jan 18, 2020
So long story short, this app Folding At Home was on my PC and started farming my CPU again. Well when I hopped on this morning and pulled up youtube, it was enough to overheat the CPU and shut the PC off. This has happened before, I disabled CPU work so it would not do this, but somehow it enabled again.

Once the computer rebooted, the internet did not work on any adapter. I can enable it and it send and receives packets, my router sees it, but Windows refuses to connect to the internet. Trying to use ipconfig in the command prompt it just locks up and does not do anything. I have a wifi card, connected, same thing - router sees it and packets are being sent and received but no internet. I even went as far as USB tethering my phone to the PC and got the SAME THING, packets sent and received but no internet.

I'm doubting a hardware failure at this point but am lost on where to go from here. I can't even open "Adapter Properties", it just doesn't do anything.

Help is much appreciated.