Question No Power to monitor, keyboard or mouse ?

Nov 7, 2020
Hi all,

Apologies if this is a little vague, it’s late and I’m a little frustrated. Basically I was just browsing YouTube listening to some music my PC goes into some windows error mode, pops up with a sad face and said it will restart once it gets all the information.

So it does that, I try to reboot and the PC fires on but no power to my monitor keyboard or mouse, my fans are running fine and everything looks normal (I think)

I will add, at one point when it was trying to boot it did almost “click” a few times as if it was trying to boot but couldn’t but never did that again, it always “powers up” whenever I try

I’ve tried unplugging the power plug, making sure it’s connected and not loose, all the obvious things that I can do but had no luck

I will update tomorrow with any information you guys need

thanks for your help in advance