Question No signal from HDMI port

Dec 2, 2019
So my girl has had this computer for about a year now and recently talked about getting another monitor. So the current one is hooked through the graphics card. I tried switching from the graphics card to the motherboard and it cannot pick up the monitor from the motherboard. Any suggestions on the cause or settings i made need to change.
"To access the BIOS Setup program, press the <Delete> key during the POST when the power is turned on"
Then 2-5 Peripherals
Initial Display Output Specifies the first initiation of the monitor display from the installed PCI Express graphics card or the onboard graphics.
IGFX Sets the onboard graphics as the first display.
PCIe 1 Slot Sets the graphics card on the PCIEX16 slot as the first display. (Default)

Another option would be connecting the second monitor to the graphics card too.