Question No signal/power from gpu + mobo

Sep 2, 2022
Hi everyone, I got this Optiplex 9020 MT a while ago and it has stopped working.

At first the network wasn't working so I stopped using it for a while. Then I bought an RTX 3050 card for it. I also bought a Apeixa Essence 600W psu. (The recommended psu for rtx 3050 is 430-550w)

And I also bought a case. So upon installing the motherboard and gpu into the case I received no signal from the gpu and mobo.

So then I moved the mobo to original case and plugged in all the wires and removed the gpu. The power light came up orange (no flashes) and just stayed orange with still no signal from the mobo.

Then I plugged in the gpu to the mobo and plugged in the pcie connector into it and then it wouldn't even power on and got no light up on the power button.

I also already replaced the CMOS battery.

Sorry for the long read, but any help would be greatly appreciated!!