No signal to monitor or devices but computer working

Nov 5, 2018
Dell Inspiron 560 has been unplugged and packed safely for 3 years. Tried to plug it in today but monitor displays the message that there is "no signal" [strike]coming from the monitor[/strike] and goes into power save mode.

So far I've:
*Checked all cables and power cords
*Did a hard reset
*Replaced motherboard battery
*Made sure source on monitor was set to VGA
*Reseat video cards

I have an Amber colored solid light on the monitor. The tower has a white steady light on the power button and is running "normally". Green light is illuminated on the back of the tower. I don't seem to be getting any power to outside components:

I am at a loss for what to do with it. Was trying to give this computer to my son.
sounds like a bad power supply, especially since the outside components aren't powering. sometimes they can be tricky to diagnose and seem like they are working, like the light you mentioned or fans spinning up. they are fairly inexpensive and easy to swap. you could go with any standard ATX one from staples or bestbuy for that machine. i'd start with that.