Question None of my USB ports work after leaving computer on overnight

Feb 9, 2021
I fell asleep at the computer lastnight and when I woke up my screen was weirdly dark. I got that fixed by switching inputs on the TV. But my keyboard wasn't working so I tried to restart computer and then mouse and keyboard both completely stopped working. Ive tried all my ports and none work. For some reason they work right up until I need them. They stop working right after the enter BIOS screen so I CAN enter bios but after presumably windows starts they stop working. (Please keep in mind im STUPID when it comes to computers) Thanks in advance for any and all help
PSU: evga 1000w gold rated (around 1 year old)
Safe mode: (unsure as stated above im an idiot)
Asleep at keyboard: No went and laid down in bed
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Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

PSU: make, model, watts, age, condition?

Are you able to boot into safe mode?

Did you fall asleep on the keyboard?

If so, you may have inadvertently "pressed" some keys and interrupted an update or otherwise caused file corruption somewhere.