[SOLVED] Noob question about DDR5 RAM ?

Oct 19, 2022
hi i am buying an MSI Z690-A Pro WiFi motherboard but i can't understand the specification, which says..........

"4x DDR5 memory slots, supporting up to 128GB 1

Supports 1R 4800 MHz (by JEDEC & POR)

Max overclocking frequency:

1DPC 1R Max speed up to 6400+ MHz

1DPC 2R Max speed up to 5400+ MHz

2DPC 1R Max speed up to 4000+ MHz

2DPC 2R Max speed up to 4000+ MHz"

(support intel XMP 3.0 OC )

Now i am confused , what ddr5 ram should i buy to take maximum benefit of overclocking. what if i put single ddr 16gb , how much overlocking can be done, what about two 16gb. i have these options within my budget:
  1. Corsair Vengeance (16GBx1) DDR5 5600MHz
  2. Adata XPG LANCER RGB (16GBx1) DDR5 6000MHz
  3. T-Force Delta RGB 32GB (16GBx2) DDR5 6000MHz
  4. Corsair Vengeance 32GB (32GBx1) DDR5 5600MHz
  5. RIPJAWS S5 32GB (16GBX2) DDR5 5600MHZ