[SOLVED] Noob Question, booting from external hard drive (in reader):

Feb 20, 2021
Hi all, I am trying to retrieve some information from an external hard drive. I have plugged it into a reader and can see some files, but not the ones I am looking for, although I am confident they are there.
It would be beneficial if I could boot from the hard drive and check all files and also check the internet browsing history for saved passwords to old accounts, as I believe this will be saved to the hard drive?

Mu questions would be:

Would HDD degradation be an issue? (hard drive was last used in 2013 ish) is there likely a loss of data?
As I mentioned I could see some files, by plugging the HDD reader into laptop, but a lot of files did not seem to there. My laptop also seemed to want to format the HDD to read some info, which I did not allow incase of data loss… The HDD itself has been in the tower undisturbed but unused since 2013.

How would I go about booting from the external HDD? I know noob question, my laptop is windows 7, so quite old itself, the HDD reader is a Tccmebius purchased from amazon. There are various ports to connect things to, what cables would I need and how do I prioritise a boot from the eternal HDD?

If successfully booted from HDD, would I be able to view data in the same manner as I would back when I used to use said computer?
Again, probably stupid question lol…

Thanks in advance and any assistance on this would be much appreciated.
Atleast 8 year old.. Any way to salvage the data i need? I can view some files when plugging it in,just there is a lot on there that i cant seem to view.
Some files there, some files not there....that physical part of the drive is damaged and gone.

The time to "save" data is before bad things happen, with a real backup routine.