[SOLVED] Not getting a display on my monitor, please help

Jun 23, 2019
Okay so I was tweaking some settings in the BIOS of my computer (increasing the RPM of fans and overclocking my RAM to be more specific), and as soon as I exited the BIOS and tried to start windows, my monitor displayed the words “no signal” on the screen, and I couldn’t get a signal again. I tested this monitor with my switch so I can confirm that it isn’t a monitor issue. Everything appears to be working fine, my motherboard is lit up, all of my fans are spinning including the GPU fan, my RAM is lit up, etc. This happened with my old PC and Best Buy diagnosed it as a motherboard issue, which I believed because it was a low end, $70 motherboard. But this is a $260 X570 motherboard (the MSI Gaming Pro Carbon WiFi), and I’ve only had it for two days, so I refuse to believe that this is a motherboard issue, and if it is then I’m just gonna give up on PC’s as a whole. Does anyone have any idea of what the issue could be, and how I can fix it?